e-Kaksha: Ensuring Education Reaches Every Student of Rajasthan

e-Kaksha: Ensuring Education Reaches Every Student of Rajasthan


Covid-19 – A term which led the whole world upside down.  Affecting lives, people and economy as a whole.

From day- to- day life to businesses, trade and movement, the pandemic disrupted and created chaos and havoc across the continents. Each and every segment of the economy came to standstill. This terrible disease took a toll on people all across the world and changed the way of living. To curb the pandemic situation, there were one after other lockdowns and strict social distancing made us confined to our home premises only. This led to a new normal for all of us.

When we talk about all the sectors, then education sector was the one which was drastically affected by the virus. But believing the notion- ‘Learning should never stop’, the Government of Rajasthan decided to continue the uninterrupted flow of knowledge despite staying at home. When all the schools were shut down to curb the spread of Covid -19, it was expected that the shutdown would impact the learning process to a huge extent. But the Education Department of Rajasthan efficiently reduced the barrier of social distancing and lockdown, and paved the way for its students to acquire knowledge. All thanks to technology! This noteworthy step was introduction of ‘e-learning classes’ for the students of Rajasthan- a new paradigm shift in the offline classroom learning system. This step was taken to keep students engaged at home, keep them productive and most importantly prevent the learning gap caused by the lockdown.

By using e-Learning as a tool, the education department, provided a gateway for the students and opened doors of virtual learning. Various digital tools combined with teacher’s knowledge led to a new environment where virtual classrooms were the new normal.  Online learning initiatives by the government, which imparted efficient education to the students of Rajasthan were e-Kaksha, Smile, Shiksha Darshan, Shiksha Vaani, Hawa Mahal program and study through Youtube.


An innovative way ensuring physical distancing, staying at home yet learning through online videos anytime anywhere. Here the government teachers record videos and upload them online, so that a student can learn from the same later on also, even if the connectivity issue is there. It is like creating an e-Library. e-Kaksha not only meant virtual day to day classes but also adapted new and interesting digital tools to make learning more interesting.

Hawa Mahal Program:
Education Department is constantly focusing on providing e-content to the students through regular videos, but in order to make studies little more interesting, Hawa Mahal Program came into being. It aims to serve the purpose of developing children's thinking skills and to arouse interest in reading. The program tries to bridge the learning gaps of children through stories and co-educational activities.

Shiksha Darshan & Shiksha Vaani:

The Department of Education decided to impart higher-grade teaching to students through the innovative scheme Shikshavani Program via All India Radio. This was started because of poor connectivity of internet in remote areas. Quality teaching material is produced by various institutions and highly trained teachers for broadcasting in this teaching program. Similarly, Shiksha Darshan program is also initiated for students having limited availability of internet, where course-based material will be broadcasted by Doordarshan for the students.

You Tube:

On the similar path of keeping studies interesting and more interactive, the teachers conduct online classes as well as live class for the students up to 12th standard through YouTube channels. Children are able to ask their queries and the teachers provide them solutions there and then.

Technology has surely become the need of the hour and has made online education an integral part of school as well as higher education.